Our approach to services is simple: be transparent and we're in it together. We don't believe in "textbook consulting", either. We'll do whatever it takes - creatively and collectively - to help you solve your problems.

Our consultants don't just "talk the talk"; they are experts in the field and they've done this before. They know that blindly following methodologies and processes isn't what really gets the job done - it's the creativity and flexibility that delivers projects, apps and systems.

By choosing Alexan Innovation, you're choosing a partner who has staff that are pushing the boundaries of technology every day to solve real-world business problems.


We are experts in Oracle Policy Automation and delivering fast, accurate business rules that can actually be integrated into an end system. We have built some of the most successful Health and Human Services rules engines in the United States. We can build and host your rules. We can also assess your current ecosystem and assist you with a modernization strategy. Contact us to learn how to unlock the power of policy and rules! We guarantee you won't find a more qualified team.

Machine in Factory

What frustrates your customers? What frustrates your employees? These are good questions to start your automation journey. Nobody likes dull, repetitive work or having to do more than they feel they have to. Unfortunately, the marketplace is completely flooded with solutions and vendors - all promising the world - it's hard to know where to start or what to do next. We're here to help - whether it's with a strategic roadmap, assessment, quality assurance or even a full implementation, contact us to get started.

Dazzling Light

We call it Creative Project Management for a reason. Our project managers all have one thing in common: they know what it really takes to deliver, because they've proven themselves on large, complex projects. They know that good project management is about people, relationships, problem solving and - bluntly - knowing what you're talking about. They challenge developers and vendors. They leave no stone unturned. They find non-textbook ways to solve problems and get the job done. Ready? Contact us to learn more.