Our products all aim to help our customers go better, faster more simply. It's this mantra that helps us make our products second to none in the world. Plus, it helps that we have incredibly talented developers and renowned industry experts advising and guiding us.


MPM is a suite of innovative offerings that we collectively call "Master Policy Management" or MPM. MPM is all about using policy as an asset rather than an obstacle that slows you down.

It is a proven methodology developed and refined through years of research and practical experience, and is supported by a suite of our next-generation SaaS and Cloud products that help you unlock the potential of Business Rules and Policy.


autoHHS is a modular, open, transparent, customizable and fully managed cloud business rules service designed for US Health and Human services programs including SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, Child Welfare and Child Support. The suite includes:

  • autoMedicaid

  • autoSocialServices

  • autoCCWIS

  • autoCSE - Child Support Enforcement

These aren't just any rules services - these are "battle hardened" rules engines that have been tried-and-tested based on years of refinement and proven data models and architecture. 


autoImmigration uses the power of a Business Rules Engine connected to a conversational Artificial Intelligence to improve, speed up and simplify:

  • US Immigration law compliance for individuals and corporations

  • US Visa eligibility

  • Complex US immigration scenarios

  • Required forms and information for US immigration compliance

Available to individuals and corporations as an interactive cloud service - either as a freestanding application or as a RESTful service to integrate into your existing applications.


autoV&V or autoVerificationAndValidation is a fully managed secure cloud service that validates data and verifies information using a Business Rules Engine linked to Federal and State policies.

Policy changes rapidly. autoV&V is fast and easy to update and roll-out changes. When used in conjunction with our other products, such as policyIntel, you can understand the real-world consequences of changing a policy before pushing the button. This gives you the chance to refine and plan but most importantly, make decisions based on all of the facts.


complyaas (pronounced compliance) or comply as a service helps you prepare for internal and external audits and assess your level of compliance with applicable policies.

Designed to work in parallel with our industry solutions such as the autoHHS suite, complyaas maximizes your chances of not only passing, but exceeding the requirements of any audit or assessment of your current performance - such as eligibility determination accuracy, data completeness or quality or compliance with law.

Whatever your industry or policy needs, we can configure complyaas to work for you - to enrich your data and show you how you comply through a series of thorough reports and analytics as well as recommendations and a roadmap to achieve more compliance and better data quality.