We create and nurture innovative technology solutions that help the world go better, faster, more simply through a relentless focus on customer needs and an obsession with quality.

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Our products all aim to help our customers go better, faster more simply. It's this mantra that helps us make our products second to none in the world. Plus, it helps that we have incredibly talented developers and renowned industry experts advising and guiding us.



Our approach to services is simple: be transparent and we're in it together.


We don't believe in "textbook consulting", either. We'll do whatever it takes - creatively and collectively - to help you solve your problems.




We believe the best marketing comes from being excellent at our jobs and doing good in the world. We take corporate responsibility seriously.

We offer free or heavily discounted access to our products and services for non-profits.


Our Capabilities


Alexan Innovation has a suite of innovative offerings that we collectively call "Master Policy Management" or MPM. MPM is all about using policy as an asset rather than a hindrance. 

It is a proven methodology developed and refined through years of research and practical experience, and is supported by a suite of our next-generation SaaS and Cloud products that help you unlock the potential of Business Rules and Policy.

Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) is our rules engine of choice. It promotes transparency, ease of maintenance and traceability to regulations. Our CEO is one of the leading OPA architects in the world. We know how to get the best out of this fantastic product.

We are an Oracle Silver Partner and are actively working towards Gold and OPA specialization status.


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